Mother’s Day Thoughts

I have learned over my lifetime that few people deserve as much respect as mothers.  The pain they go through: giving birth to us, raising us, watching us go off and wilfully make dumb decisions; they deserve so much credit and so many salutes.

I’ve learned to be in awe of the portly middle-aged ladies who have soft hands, loud voices, and a knowing seen-it-all look in their eyes.  They are champions, because they have raised good and successful children.

I am inspired by the young mothers with glowing skin who are on their second or third child and busy themselves cooking nutritious food for their offspring and husband.

Here’s to the mothers who had their hearts broken over and over again by a negative preganancy test or who, once pregnant, suffered miscarriages and could never seem to bring their baby to term.  God bless you, especially those of you who adopted children who certainly needed you as much as you needed them.

Let us drink to our grandmothers, who cooed over us as infants and spoiled us when our parents weren’t looking, and later on taught us to crochet, to not care what people think, or to make the BEST chicken ‘n’ dumplins.

Full respect for the single mothers who fought the world to make raising their children as good, functioning people the priority and who worked crappy jobs just to make ends meet.

Shoutout to the godmothers who faithfully pray for their godchildren and work hard to be an example and a supportive mentor for them.

To my own mother: I think the world of you and admire you so much. Thanks for raising me to not be ridiculous and to respect others.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you’ve given me over the years, above and beyond what I required.

Happy Mothers’ Day, moms.  You are great warriors without medals or trophies, and I love you all.




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