It’s Pascha

Christ is Risen!

For the first time in my life, I was able to take Holy Week off from everything else and spend it going to church every day.  Having my own car is kind of amazing.

So I did it all: Bridegroom Matins, Pre-Sanctified Liturgy, Holy Unction, the 12 Passion Gospels, and everything else that is entailed in an Orthodox Holy Week.  It was exhausting, challenging, at times downright painful, and 100% totally worth it.  The services are beautiful and have depth and meaning not often found in this world.  It went quickly though, and now it is the Feast of feasts, Pascha, Easter, the Great Passover, the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I highly, highly, highly recommend everyone experience Orthodox Pascha at least once in her life.

I left my parish’s Agape picnic but a few hours ago.  These folks really know how to party, and I love them more than words can tell.  There’s always a little sadness at leaving the picnic, because unless you’re fortunate enough to have a super flexible schedule or to be a monastic, this means a return to the ordinary flow of life.  Tomorrow I shall be inquiring, “And would you like fries or tots?” while my mind wants to yell jubilantly to my customers, “Christ is Risen!” (Side note, I have discovered that driving with the windows rolled down and blaring “We Are the Champions” is a huge mood boost.)

But it is Bright Week, and my heart is full and I have much to look forward to.  And there are some things I fear, but time and prayer are their only cure at this point.  I hope everyone who reads this finds some time to be at peace this week.  To be quiet in the soul, and to be okay.

God bless!


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