High School is Hard

Images and memes like this trigger me.


Because these are complete and utter bullshit. High school is hard.


Look, from a mature, adult perspective, maybe school is easy. If you were thrown in the middle of high school right now, you would probably be fine, because you’ve been there. You have years of experience, you’ve seen the other side of the tunnel, and you know that life is more complicated past high school. You pay bills and do taxes and rock your adulthood (sometimes). And you think that high school students are carefree and can’t see past the moment, and don’t realize how hard adulthood actually is. Fine.

But these high school students are not 35 year-olds who have 9-5 jobs and mortgage and spouses.  These are hormonal, inexperienced teenagers, who are still trying to find their place in the world.

  • The percentage of high school students who reported thinking seriously about attempting suicide in the past year is on the rise, after falling substantially during the 1990s and 2000s, reaching almost one-fifth of students in 2015 (18 percent).    –childtrends.org

High school will likely be the most difficult thing children have experienced up to that point in their lives.  Saying derogatory things about how easy kids these days have it creates intergenerational conflict and is just plain hurtful to those millions of teenagers who struggle just to make it through each day.  Are you saying stuff like this to make yourself feel important or wise?  Is it working?

Also, high school today is a vastly different experience than say, high school in 1986. There was a whole other set of difficulties in the ’80’s, but the advent of social media has made it sooo easy to have unrealistic expectations of what life should be and to become discouraged or frustrated when reality doesn’t live up to the celebrity instagram portrayal.  I won’t even get into cyberbullying.

My point is, life is not easy. For anyone. It isn’t even easy for celebrities, as you may have realized by the number of deaths due to cancer or drug overdoses.  We each are fighting different battles, and it doesn’t matter what age you are, or how you confront (or avoid) your problems.  We are all suffering in one way or another.

So be understanding, supportive, and kind, not judgemental or condescending.  Celebrate the hell out ofyour high school graduation, because you made it, and not everyone does.  And to the rest of you: Teenagers are people too.


Respect one another.

Peace Out,

Signed– Your fellow homo sapien.


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