Can Men and Women be “Just Friends”?

I want to know why this is a debate. Because to me, the answer is simple: of course.

But a lot of people disagree with me on this, and swear that if a man and woman are “just friends” either they’re lying or one of them is gay.  My dad says that women can view plenty of guys as friends, but a male will rarely if ever engage in a friendship with a female he wasn’t romantically or sexually interested in.

But then how do you explain inter-sibling relationships, or the way you feel towards your opposite sex cousins? Most people are not romantically attracted to close relatives. We know there is a boundary there. And yet we can be really close to those people and call them friends. So why can’t that work in general? If you know a girl/guy is off limits, you should be able to look at them platonically. And sometimes I think this involves a conscious choice not to act on an attraction. There will always be that time when one of them internally questions whether or not they could be more than friends. And if the friend resists these thoughts, I fully believe that the friendship will thrive and become deeper.

It’s good to have friends. And male-female friendships have a unique value in letting both parties see into the other’s mind and perhaps grasp a greater understanding of the opposite sex.

I really want to know more people’s opinion on this, so drop a comment and let me know your thoughts.


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Also, since school is out, I’m going to try to make more posts, but no promises because I’m lazy and Skyrim exists.


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