Presidential Candidate review: Donald Trump

Not having an abundance of ideas, I have decided to give my opinion on the subject which so many Americans are watching unfold with anxiety.  The 2016 Presidential Election! Woo!

After you all have either cheered, groaned, or started thinking about ways to kill me, I shall give you my honest opinion on our dear Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump is a very wealthy man.  Although he inherited a large sum from his father, he has worked hard to get to where he is now, and has built onto his wealth so much that a couple billion is pretty much meaningless to him.  This makes him really an uncontrollable candidate, because he doesn’t owe anyone.  He can pay his own way through the Presidential race; endorsements are virtually meaningless on him.

Now, I have to confess that part of me is a huge Trump supporter.  Part of me, and not the logical or prominent part.  I guess he’s exciting.  When I hear him in the debates, he makes me want to like him. I feel like if he got elected, something big would happen.  I don’t know if it would be a good thing or a bad, but deep down, I thirst for revolution.  And if I believed that Trump believes what he says, I would be in grave danger of appalling all my friends and cheering for the Donald.  Well… maybe.

But after hearing that Mr.Trump donated money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and that he has gone from total liberal to apparent conservative, does not make me more inclined to trust him.  I am afraid he will steal votes from the republicans and hand the election to Hillary Clinton.  I do wonder how he feels about Bernie Sanders.  And I cannot ignore Trump’s racism, immaturity, and overall ridiculousness.

Anyway, I hope I get a chance to share with you my view on the other candidates, and please comment and tell me your opinion because I truly am interested.

Allons-y! –



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